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About Mag2 Taller

Mag2Taller is a team of young professionals with architecture and engineering background, taking advantage of their experience, as they have been part of different professional studios for the last 20 years, they decided to create their own studio using the acquired experience and combine it with enthusiasm and hope to be part of this new professional project.

The combination of professionals specialized in different areas of architecture and engineering allows us to offer our clients a complete architecture service and other services such as engineering, urban projects, renovations and refurbishments, interior design, retail, market studies among other services.

The main desire of Mag2 Taller is to understand, listen and offer all our experience to our clients, offering them the most adequate response to each client, to achieve their total satisfaction.

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Ronda Gaudí

House refurbishment in Montmar

House building in Puigmoltó, Sant Pere de Ribes

Residence refurbishment, Gavines

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We work on all kind of architecture and urban planning projects, from new construction projects to rehabilitation projects, large or small dimensions. We are specialists in Project Management, advising and helping our clients on the management and development of the construction.

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Of buildings, houses and commercial premises. We work on renovation projects as well as the activity project, electric or interior design project. So you don’t have to worry for the paperwork. We also offer global management of any project you have in mind.

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We seek the best solution to each of the situations we find, our solutions are unique for each project depending on the situation, historical context, heritage value and the state of each construction.

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energy rehabilitation

Energetic rehabilitation is a series of interventions that make possible to update existing homes with the comfort conditions of the 21st century without consuming large amounts of energy.

Certificates of habitability

The certificate of habitability is the document that certifies compliance with the requirements of habitability. The card expires every 15 years and is mandatory for all kinds of residence. It is necessary to rent or sell a house and also to contract water, gas, electricity and telecommunications services.

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  • Certificates of solidity
  • Urgent visual inspections
  • Pathology reports
  • Expert reports
  • Aluminosis reports
  • Projects for change of use in a business
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We conduct activity and electrical projects for shopping centers and stores of 40m2 or more, industrial warehouses and health centers. Buildings of more than 100kw, restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs… All kind of commercial and public spaces.

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All residential buildings have to pass a technical inspection after 45 years, the date is the one recorded in the cadastre.

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Through the energetic consultancy department, we offer our customers solutions to reduce energy waste. We make an optimization study of the energy bill by reviewing the contractual conditions with the energy company.

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Energy certificates

Since June 2013, it is mandatory to have a energy certificate for new residential homes, for third-party use buildings, for sale and purchase transactions, for renting existing buildings and public buildings of 500m2 or more.

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Which is the role of a project manager

The role of a Project Manager in the field of construction, consists in: planning, execution and monitoring the project until the end.

The Project Manager is qualified to know the analytical techniques.

Lead, manage and coordinate the project from the design phase to the implementation phase, ensuring efficiency in time, cost, and quality, such as life cycle analysis, total cost, etc. They are used to find a suitable positioning and a balance between the various specifications and objectives.

Has a strategic vision and capacity to react – “a way to avoid unforeseen events”

Identify and define the aspects to take into consideration in the execution plan of houses and urbanistic elements.

Is responsible for creating a plan and control progress to reach the established goal. Implement a road map for the requirements of the client. Reach the development of objectives, the needs of the clients, and the characteristics of the necessary equipment.


The Project Manager has the organizational capacity:

Organize the work team and the team of collaborators, define and implement a structure of functions-responsibilities adapted to the requirements of the provided services and the activities to be developed.

Strategically direct the development.
Create a framework of relationships for the development of the operation. Give the necessary information and involve all the workers implicated in the project. Create a process to set the client requirements, the objectives of the development, the client needs, and the characteristics of the necessary equipment. Define the information needed by each of the professionals to clearly understand the role they have to develop and how they have to relate and interact with each other.

Establish and implement a continuous control system of the essential processes that make up the operation.

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