The Project is located in a closed residential area, which was constructed in the ’70s, formed by townhouses in the border between Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes, the house is located next to the Riera de Ribes, with a pronounced topographic.

The refurbishment starts with the necessity to adapt this construction to the actual demands, given that the actual construction is made with old constructive systems that are not efficient. The strategy of the project has two motives: to improve the interior qualities, the functionalities of the spaces, and with this minimizing the energetic waste of the house.

The interior refurbishment aims to give interior accessibility to all the spaces and the improvement of lightning and ventilation conditions. On the other hand, we incorporated passive house strategies, that guarantee the optimal insulation of the exterior closings, reducing the energetic waste.

Project: Mag2Taller

Developer: Private

Location: Sant Pere de Ribes

Year: 2020