W House

This is the project of a detached single-family home in Mas Alba consisting of a basement, ground floor, and first floor. The house is located on a triangular plot, with the longest side facing the street which surrounds the plot, predominantly oriented towards the north, which is one of the main constraints of the project.


Its volumetrics feature clean lines, which break when they come into contact with the bevel, where part of the ground floor facade takes a clear inclination towards the interior, thus generating a porch on the main facade, while the inclination of the first-floor facade leans symmetrically. Similarly, the openings that are generated on all facades maintain this play of inclinations by entering into the house, creating movement that invites circling around the house from its main entrance to the porch generated in the bevel, thus creating dynamic volumetrics.


The house is situated at the highest level of the plot, where the priority both externally and volumetrically is to capture the maximum natural light, through the courtyard generated on the rear facade as well as with the wide openings located in specific places, which also provide cross ventilation in all the main rooms.


Finally, the exterior surrounding the house follows the language of movement by creating various green platforms that invite circling around the house while generating different environments around it.

Project: Mag2Taller

Developer: Privat

Year: 2024

Location: Sant Pere de Ribes

Surface: 250 m2

Obra nueva sitges
Casa de nueva construcción Sant Pere de Ribes