Miranda House

This isolated single-family home has a ground floor, first floor, and basement. The location of the house is made by taking as a reference the topography of the existing terrain, with a ground floor raised above the street, and placing the entire day area on the back, where direct sunlight is available, and generating large openings to maximize natural lighting inside the dwelling.

The project was designed from materiality with reinforced concrete, stone, and wood as the base materials that shaped all the project decisions involved. It allows the house to integrate into the environment where it is built, formed by a forested area located in the Garraf massif.

The house interior has differen zones, generating double space in the main spaces, prioritizing the internal functionality of the residence with a central concrete staircase that gives access to all rooms.

It will benefit from the comforts of an energy-efficient home through the incorporation of heat recovery and alternative power generation systems, as well as the insulation of the outside with solar protection and thermal insulation systems.

Project: Mag2Taller

Developer: Privat

Year: 2022

Location: Sitges